Satellite Capital Partners was formed in 2023 to leverage Absolute’s wide range of industry relationships in order to promote differentiated, emerging and niche investment opportunities.



Investment Opportunities


Cox Capital Partners is a private investment firm founded in 2020.  Their private strategy was launched in April 2020. The firm is committed to developing an efficient secondary market for illiquid alternative investments in the wealth management channel. Cox specializes in sourcing and underwriting unique investment opportunities with structural inefficiencies in both liquid and illiquid markets and serving as a direct secondary liquidity provider.

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Investment Platform

Trellis will unlock your access to a curated world of diligence-ready investments with your complimentary Trellis Review Portal. Designed exclusively for RIAs, Family Offices, Funds, and discerning capital allocators, this portal offers a unique opportunity to explore a diverse selection of capital ventures. Experience a hassle-free review process, assess potential fits for your clients, and share top-tier opportunities through a sophisticated, white-labeled platform.