ABSOLUTE Funds Overview

Through the Absolute Funds, we provide access to independent money managers who focus on capital preservation and alpha-oriented return opportunities. The Funds are managed and monitored in a fully transparent, daily valued structure.

Absolute Convertible Arbitrage Fund (ARBIX)

Credit-Oriented Market Neutral

The Absolute Convertible Arbitrage Fund was launched to provide a conservative risk/return profile to complement the alternative or fixed income portion of a diversified portfolio.

Absolute Capital Opportunities Fund (CAPOX)

Hedged Equity

The Absolute Capital Opportunities Fund utilizes flexible exposures to avoid being fully exposed to equity risk at all times. The result is a thoughtful approach to equity investing.

Absolute Strategies Fund (ASFIX)

Multi-Manager / Multi-Strategy
The Absolute Strategies Fund combines a concentrated group of managers who vary their exposures in an effort to avoid risk and pursue unique long and short opportunities.

Absolute Core Strategy ETF (ABEQ)

Value-Oriented Opportunistic Equity
The Absolute Core Strategy (actively managed) ETF’s risk-focused security selection and willingness to hold cash may result in lower equity sensitivity, which could allow it to perform well in difficult market environments.