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The material below further explains Absolute Investment Advisers and the Absolute Funds.  In addition to reviewing this information, we strongly encourage advisers to read our portfolio commentary and then speak with us to better understand our philosophy and approach to creating and managing the Funds.  Please contact us if you have questions about any of this information.

   Absolute Investment Advisers Capabilities Presentation:

Absolute Investment Advisers Firm & Absolute Strategies Fund Profile
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Absolute Capital Opportunities Fund (CAPOX) Presentation:

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Absolute Convertible Arbitrage Fund (ARBIX) Presentation:

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November 30, 2016 – Webcast: Finding Alpha in Hedged Strategies

Are your alternative investments doing what you want them to do?
The overwhelming majority of advisors cite diversification and risk mitigation as their primary goals for using alternative investments. However, as volatility rises, very few alternative mutual funds meet this objective and even fewer generate the alpha investors expect from actively managed, flexible investments (see the table below):

  • The importance of low beta and high alpha for diversification and returns.
  • A quick look under the hood of alternative strategies to help explain (recent) headwinds and disappointments.
  • Solution:Analyzing your portfolio and the environment to determine which alternative funds align with your objectives.

Alpha & Beta (to the S&P 500) Within Liquid Alternative Strategies (as of 9/30/2016)


Nathan Houser, VP, Portfolio Management, Absolute Investment Advisers

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March 22, 2016 – Webcast: Has Volatility Helped or Hurt Your Alternatives?

With volatility returning to the markets, advisers are frustrated by alternatives that are not delivering on their promise to manage risk and provide diversification. Join us for a discussion on the alternative mutual fund space, including:

  • Growth: The alternative mutual fund space has exploded, but are all strategies created equal?
  • The Case for Hedging Now: Volatility has returned and the next 3 years may look drastically different than the last 3.
  • Solution: The ability to hedge and utilize flexible exposures is critical to the success of alternatives.

Nathan Houser, VP, Portfolio Management, Absolute Investment Advisers
Brian Hlidek, Principal & Co-Founder of Absolute Investment Advisers
Kris Kristynik, Founder, Longhorn Capital

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Punk Economics Video

Absolute Investment Advisers collaborated with David McWilliams from Punk Economics to produce a 4 minute video that expresses our view of the current market environment. We hope you enjoy it.


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