Sub-Advisers to the Absolute Strategies Fund

Below is a list of the Sub-Advisers and a brief description the strategies they run for the Fund. Broader strategy definitions can be found in the Prospectus. All Sub-advisers are SEC registered investment advisers.

Sub-Adviser Strategy Descriptions

Harvest was founded in 1999 and is located in San Francisco, CA. Harvest manages a concentrated equity long-short strategy focused on an entire range of agricultural related businesses. The goal is to capitalize on long-term secular tailwinds as well as shorter-term dislocations along supply chain dynamics. Longs are focused on companies that can positively impact productivity, have thoughtful management teams, exhibit strong financial metrics, and have the potential for significant long-term earnings power. Shorts are focused on companies with inadequate capital structures, weakening financial metrics, or disruptions to their business model.

Primary Strategy for the Absolute Strategies Fund:  Long/Short Equity, Agricultural Focused
Kovitz Iwas founded in October 2003 and is located in Chicago, Illinois. Kovitz operated as an independent group within Rothschild Investment Corporation, from 1997 until their formation in 2003. Kovitz manages a Long/Short Equity strategy with an approach to investing based on Benjamin Graham’s concept of “Margin of Safety”. While Kovitz strives to maximize return, they believe the primary investment criterion should be safety of principal and a focus on minimizing permanent loss of capital. Their investment team relies on in-house research to screen for long and short ideas and focuses primarily on fundamental principles of balance sheet and cash flow analysis.

Primary Strategy for the Absolute Strategies Fund:  Long/Short Equity

LakeWater was founded in 2013 (successor to Green Eagle Capital, LLC, founded in 2004) and is located in Skaneatles, NY. For the Absolute Strategies Fund, LakeWater manages a credit portfolio with the ability to invest long or short. The strategy is fundamentally driven, seeking to exploit inefficiencies in the capital structure of both investment grade and non-investment grade companies. The strategy is designed to dynamically increase or decrease the sizing of the short and long exposure to adapt to changes in the economic environment and credit valuations while seeking a positive carry for the portfolio in most circumstances.

Primary Strategy for the Absolute Strategies Fund:  Long/Short Credit

Longhorn Capital Partners, LP was founded in 2006, and located in Dallas. Longhorn pursues a fundamental, research-driven portfolio of opportunities globally in both long and short equities. They seek to invest with valuation discipline in companies experiencing intermediate-term change in underlying business fundamentals. They utilize an intermediate to long-term investment horizon and have flexibility for net long or net short portfolio exposure based on their view of the opportunity set at the time.

Primary Strategy for the Absolute Strategies Fund:  Global Long/Short Equit
Mohican was founded in November 2003, and is located in Wilton, CT. Mohican manages a disciplined Convertible Arbitrage strategy with an investment objective focused on capital preservation. The firm’s experienced investment team utilizes intensive fundamental research for sourcing ideas and constructing portfolios of small/mid capitalization convertible securities. Their versatile understanding of total return, credit, and volatility provides the foundation for successful portfolio diversification and risk management.

Primary Strategy for the Absolute Strategies Fund:  Convertible Arbitrage

The Boston Company Asset Management, LLC was founded in 1970 and offers a full range of investment management services for institutional clients, high-net worth individuals, and pooled investment vehicles. The Boston Company manages an opportunistic, event driven strategy focusing on companies that are undergoing some manner of operational or financial stress. They invest long and short, and trade in securities across the capital structure. Their portfolio consists of a concentrated number of situations where the managers have a differentiated idea flow, prior investing experience, a contrarian perspective of a company or industry, or an understanding of a complex balance sheet. The managers will also look to actively hedge against systemic risk events.

Primary Strategy for the Absolute Strategies Fund:  Long/Short Equity & Credit

Sabal, founded in 2002 and located in Santa Monica, California, runs a concentrated long/short special situations strategy. Sabal’s long portfolio is principally comprised of liquid, value-oriented investments that feature downside protection and upside optionality from unique business prospects, corporate restructurings, and/or value creation initiatives. The firm’s short strategy targets companies with long-term business challenges and accounting irregularities.

Primary Strategy for the Absolute Strategies Fund:  Special Situations
St. James was founded in 1999 and is located in Dallas, Texas. St. James is an absolute return-oriented, “best ideas” equity manager whose philosophy focuses on valuation, independent fundamental research, and the view that risk is defined as a permanent loss of capital. They seek to make investments in a limited number of businesses that are purchased with a significant margin of safety. St. James utilizes a long term investment horizon and they are willing to be patient and hold cash in the absence of bargains.

Primary Strategies for the Absolute Strategies Fund:   Opportunistic Equity