Fund Literature

Core Strength of Convertible Arbitrage

2-page article on the unique (defense + offense) characteristics of the Fund. (updated quarterly)

Convertible Arbitrage: Where Does It Fit?

2-page piece on the flexible role of convertible arbitrage in a portfolio. (updated quarterly)

“ARBIX: Diversification for Model Portfolios”

(Institutional / Financial Adviser Use Only)
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Shareholder Reports:

Semi-Annual Report – Period Ending 9/30/20
Absolute Funds Information Statement – 9/17/20
Annual Report – Period Ending 3/31/20
Semi-Annual Report – Period Ending 9/30/19
Annual Report – Period Ending 3/31/19
Semi-Annual Report – Period Ending 9/30/18

Annual Report – Period Ending 3/31/18
Semi-Annual Report – Period Ending 9/30/17

Fund Applications:

Fund Application

IRA Application

Traditional & Roth IRA Plan Agreement Disclosure